Skyline Roofing provides the highest level of quality when it comes to all of its construction and maintenance projects, and it is no different when it comes to our roof clean projects. Skyline Roofing is NOT one of those blow and go companies that you may see advertised frequently in coupon mailers. Skyline does not rely on roof cleans to pay the bills, we offer this service as more of a convenience to the homeowners who have had Skyline install a roof for them in the past (and do not want is destroyed by a cheap blow and go company), or possible future roofing customers that may need a new roof in the next few years and just want it to last until they can put some money aside to pay for that new roof. Most of these blow and go companies will send a person out to clean your roof that is paid minimum wage, given a time limit of how long they can be at your house (usually an hour to an hour and a half) and then rushed off to the next job. They are expected to clean 4-5 roofs a day. This is how those blow and go roof cleaning companies make their money. This leaves you with a roof that is most likely not that clean or blasted apart because they are rushed, an incomplete gutter clean with debris still sitting in it or simply washed down the downspout and little to no grounds cleaning after the job is completed.

Here at Skyline we do things a little different, out roof cleaner has been cleaning roofs for 18 years, he is paid top dollar for his work, he is only allowed to do 1-2 roof cleans a day (small composition roofs 2, shake roofs 1) which means that he will spend hours at your home not minutes. This insures that you will get a precise roof and gutter cleaning, an even amount of sealant applied to the roof, no debris stuck to the side of the house and a thorough grounds cleaning before he leaves the job site. We can do this because again Skyline does not rely on roof cleans to pay our bills, we offer this as more of a convenience.

Just as with our roofing and gutter jobs, we believe that if we use the best quality materials and labor available in the market today, you will end up with the best roof clean available in the market today. Our #1 goal is that you are 100% happy with the outcome of your roof clean and that you can, without hesitation recommend us to your family, friends and neighbors for future services.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and understand how Skyline Roofing can provide you with the next level of satisfaction when it comes to cleaning your roof.