When it comes to roofing projects here at Skyline Roofing, we believe whole heartedly that we are a cut above the rest. Our goal is to provide you with very best in workmanship, materials, customer service and pricing available in the market today.

Notice how we mentioned workmanship first. After being in this industry for as many years as we have, we have learned that the MOST important aspect of any roof project is the quality of workmanship. Materials, customer service and pricing of course are very important as well, but the one thing that matters the most when it comes to insuring that your roof will last for many years to come without leaks or failings is the workmanship. This is why we here at Skyline Roofing only employ the most highly trained, experienced and certified roofers in the area. There are no day laborers here. We believe that having a good and long lasting relationship with our employees is another aspect to insuring that you will always get the most out of our roofers. All of our roofers have been with us for at least 6 years (the industry standard is 6 months), this relationship with our crews means that we know exactly what to expect from them and they know exactly what to expect from us. Our crews also get paid well for the work that they do, higher than the industry standard. This in no way means that our prices are higher than any other company, we just offset higher wages to the employees with less profit to the company. This higher wage means to you, the homeowner, that the guys will show up to work every day happy, healthy and prideful in the work that they are completing.

Skyline Roofing only uses the best materials available in the industry today. As we mentioned above workmanship is the most important aspect of any roofing project, but all of that can be for not if cheap materials are used for the roofing project. Unfortunately many homeowners are only aware to look at the type of shingles, shakes or membranes that are being installed on their roof and do not pay much attention to the even more important items being installed under or around those materials such as the type of underlayment, flashings, plywood or ventilation systems. These different items can be the difference of a roof lasting 15 years, 30 years or more. We always try and educate the homeowner about the differences in these materials and we make sure that our estimates mention every single item that will be used during their roofing project in great detail. We use these high quality items because we you to be able to get as many years as humanly possible out of your new roof.

Customer service is also very important to us here at Skyline Roofing. All of our staff, from the owners to the crews are more than happy to answer any question that a homeowner may have regarding an estimate, or any actual work that may be, or has been completed. Our goal is to make sure that you are one hundred percent satisfied with not just work that we may have done for you but even in just a questions answered or estimate presented to you.

You may think that with all of these things that are mentioned above (highest quality workmanship available, highest quality materials used, special attention when it comes to customer service) that it must mean that our pricing structure is set very high. Well let me reassure you that it is definitely not. As I mentioned before, one way we keep our prices extremely competitive is we offset our high wages to our roofers by lowering our profit margin. Another thing that we rely on and what separates Skyline Roofing from most other companies, is that we prefer to rely more on referrals than advertising. Most companies spend thousands of dollars a month in advertising looking for new customers which in turn, raises their overhead and means higher prices for you. We prefer to let our work and finished product be our advertising. Our best source of advertising is you the homeowner, referring us to a co-worker, friend, neighbor, family member or even yourself if you ever have to move and that new house needs a new roof. We have learned that this method of advertising is a complete win win for both homeowners and us. It insures that the homeowner gets a great product for a great price and we can get our name out there without giving your money to all of the different advertisers. Once again, we cannot accomplish this type of advertising unless you the homeowners are one hundred percent satisfied with the work that we have completed and you have zero doubts in recommending us to others. That is what we strive for on every job we complete.